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Female Apparel

Female Apparel.

  • DriDuck Ascent DD9411

    The Ascent is equipped with a full-arsenal of weather-ready features, making it a nimble choice when faced with variable temperatures. It's wind and water resistant, breathable, and cut to accommodate layers—so no matter what you start the day out...

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  • DriDuck Belay DD9408

    DriDuck Belay DD9408

    Banish bitter cold in the Belay. This water and wind repellent jacket is comfortable, lightweight, and well-designed. Insulated with our Therma Puff™ technology, the Belay is designed to retain and conserve body heat as you move. Cut with a...

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  • DriDuck Contour DD9439

    DriDuck Contour DD9439

    This ladies' companion to the top-rated Motion jacket is an essential all-season softshell. Built with an unyielding softshell material, the Contour is wind and water resistant. Lighter than a winter coat, yet equipped to handle winter storms, this...

    $74.99 - $84.99
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  • DriDuck Eclipse DD5321

    DriDuck Eclipse DD5321

    We don’t believe in letting wet, cold weather get in the way of your to-do list—but we also don’t believe in freezing our asses off. That’s why we set out to design a jacket that is nimble, unbeatably warm, and tougher than...

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  • DriDuck Fusion DD9397

    DriDuck Fusion DD9397

    Lightweight, soft, durable, and unbeatably breathable, fleece is a wardrobe staple because of its ability to instantly add warmth to any outfit. The Fusion is our go-to classic ladies’ fleece, furnished with a quarter-length zip thru collar and...

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  • DriDuck Precision DD9410

    DriDuck Precision DD9410

    Designed with all the weather-beating features of a softshell in a lighter weight fabrication. Ideal for high-activity, whether it be work or play, the Precision has a four-way stretch that contours to the body as it moves. Agile in unfavorable weather,...

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  • DriDuck Pulse DD9346

    DriDuck Pulse DD9346

    Our newest addition to our collection of fleece is the functional and exceptionally styled Pulse. Designed to a tee with all the necessary features of a high-quality fleece: ultra soft handfeel, anti-static finish, and anti-pill exterior. It elevates the...

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  • DriDuck Release DD8407

    DriDuck Release DD8407

    Great fitting, feminine and featherlight, the Release is a must-have even if you’re not inclined to fish. It’s made from a one-hundred percent ripstop fabric that performs excellently in the elements. It's treated with Teflon Shield+ fabric...

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  • DriDuck Solstice DD9413

    DriDuck Solstice DD9413

    As the companion to the Eclipse, we set out to beat cold-weather with a ladies jacket that is effortlessly warm, easy to wear, and tougher than anything else on the market. We started with the insulation--warm yet lightweight, 3M™ Thinsulate™...

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